Miles Walker










We must learn to see beyond our eyes and discover the very essence of everything we come across.....Our creative brain is always alert and ready to find meaning in the ordinary.....Our imagination gives us ideas and is a way of expressing our unique character in everything we do. As artists we are continually making unexpected connections and piggy backing one concept with another.....Most people are artists in their daily life even if they never produce any artwork.....Art is a way of living!

DREAM CATCHER! DREAM CATCHER! How am I ever going to find a wife with all my dysfunctional family baggage, I’ve tried and failed a number of times, I really need a dream catcher! They want that conditioned branded mobility, a set of wheels, a car. The brand labels, peer pressure makes their desires complete. The best vintage model; This 1949 classic drives beautifully a sheer delight to ride, yes the original British colonial glide/ride suspension for an easy journey over life’s bad roads and warm sounding German sub woofers. Manual swinging indicators. Two classic double dee head lights, that light up the way on dark nights! Tire’s good....Enabled on star service with medtronics.....Wearing slip shift, very open at the top, ideal for summer time parties. Body in original condition, great shape, always good for a touch up! Handles well! In very hot weather has a tendency to overheat and in very cold weather is a temperamental starter! Needs a new muffler, as is becoming much louder with age. Registration documents claim only two owners one German, one Canadian. All inclusive coverage Please negotiate on Craigs list Box 1.12.49