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The Global Institute for

The open and flexible format of the world wide web and internet with its freedom of information, speech, and visual material has evolved to where happily with a few bumps in the road we are today.....The Global Institute for Internet Governance tells us the world wide web has to change dramatically as security of all our social and privacy systems are now constantly under attack from serious cyber crime.....On our behalf the Institute has commissioned five studies on: Copyright and digital rights. Sharing of all human knowledge. Liability related to information. Freedom and control. Cyber crime, digital warfare.....Life without the internet????



We are at the end of the biological human era, this change is comparable to the beginning of life on earth! Coming is a new era of singularity, when all human intelligence and the new bio designed human bodies combine to make the super ageless people of tomorrow.....thanks Vinge and Kurzweil.

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Picasso made me draw this when I was in France not in Spain.....Why, when I was actually on my way to Salvador Dali’s House at Port Lligat!